Soft-Life Bundle

The revolutionary plug-and-play document template for soft-life event planners who despise paperwork but want their planning documents to stand out and give their clients peace of mind.

Either you’re just getting started with planning or you’ve been doing it for a while,

 your planning documents should be giving you instant credibility with clients & vendors!

Your business deserves to experience the significant impact of well-worded, good-looking, and highly professional documents

The 5-in-1 soft-life bundle

All the essential documents you need to create an exceptional planning experience for your clients, without the stress of creating them

Total Value ₦300,000

Regular price ₦105,000


“The contract clauses eliminates mis-communication with vendors & clients”

Let’s be honest, you are tired of

wasting time & energy over getting your mood board, timeline and other planning documents to look a certain way?

seeing loopholes that your contracts did not cover after every event but you had no idea about until it happened?


Most Event Planners are on this table..

It’s honestly impossible to be great at EVERYTHING that needs to get done in your event planning business.

So, take away the pressure of having to do it all. Stop stressing yourself out, lean into the chance to get what you need, get it done faster, and have it look much better than if you went at it alone, again.

The templates were very helpful and on-point. Saved me thinking time and ofcourse stress over paper-work. The structure, wordings, even down to the clauses in the contracts hit the nail on the head!
Lead, BNB events


Imagine that you are the event planner who...

gets referrals from your clients regularly because every part of their experience with you wowed them- including your documents

is able to confidently increase your fee because you finally look the part

saves hours or even days of work trying to finetune your planning documents to look a certain way.

has a vendors & planning contract including all the important clauses and structure you can think of w/o the thinking part.

works for clients who trust you more because if you can be meticulous and personal with your planning documents, you will be with their event too.

Sounds like where you aspire to be, right?

The Soft-Life Bundle

The revolutionary plug-and-play document template for soft-life event planners who despise paperwork but want their planning documents to stand out and give their clients peace of mind.

Here is a sneak peek into this do-it-yourself soft-life bundle:

Personalized Planning Contract Template

This well-structured, beautifully designed, and completely editable personalised contract ensures credibility. It includes:

Mood Board Templates

A ready-to-use Canva-based system that raises your credibility & positions you as an expert This template includes;

Event Timeline Template

A mapped-out and functional timeline that ensures events are delivered in record time without lag.

Vendor Contract

This well-structured, beautifully designed and editable personalized contract will boost your credibility. It is the ideal template for event planners who value and protect their peace of mind. It details;

Operation Plan

The in-house document for event planners who love the independence of being able to run an event without their physical presence. It anticipates all the stop-points on the event day, assigns them to team members and aids accountability at event reviews.


Bonus #1

Step-by-Step Video Tutorial

(Valued at 50,000)

A detailed video that walks you through the process of using, editing, and personalising your templates.

Bonus #2

An Editable Client Budget Sheet.

(Valued at 20,000)

This functional excel sheet for maximizing your client’s budget will get you excited.

Bonus #3

Vendor Brief Template

(Valued at 10,000)

An instructional template for your vendors that saves 10 hrs of back-and-forth conversations with vendors.

The contract template was helpful to me as a newbie in the event industry who didn't have structure at the time. It helped eliminate miscommunication and provided options in the event an agreed-upon detail is not performed. The contract was understandable & unambiguous. Loved it so much!
Palette X Flair Events.

The Soft-Life Bundle

The only templates and training you’ll ever need to create a planning experience you’ll be proud of and increase your credibility with clients.

Total Value: ₦300,000

Regular Price: ₦105,000

Today’s Price: ₦65,000

The contract template helped me make a clear and understandable agreement with my clients. It also showed me as a professional planner who knows what she is doing. Thank you for saving me hours or even days of work!
lead, Dee Events

7 Days Money Back Guarantee

You only have one assignment – buy and implement!

If you purchase the Soft Life Bundle, use it and you’re unhappy with it, shoot me an email here , your money will be refunded within 7 days of purchase.

If you however buy it and love the sh*t out of it, do make sure to drop us a review (link also)  too. Trust me the latter is always the case!




You will get an email afterwards with the next steps, click on the link in the email to access your templates.


You are now able to edit each template to your specification


Hi there, I am Damilola.

Having planned a variety of events for over 5 years, I know firsthand how important functional documents can be to a company’s overall success.

These templates are the result of years of research, my insatiable desire to test solutions and draw conclusions, and the results I’ve seen in my business!

A few months ago, I sent my planning contract to a new client couple. The groom-to-be called back, complimented me on how well-thought-out the document was, but expressed concern about my-pay-me-the-30%-balance-before-the-event-clause, and then mentioned that he had sent the contract to his lawyer for vetting and next steps.

Do you know what his lawyer said to him? If she can bulge on this clause, fine; if she can’t, I look forward to meeting her at the wedding!

The groom called me back, laughing, to tell me this!  He ended up sending the entire event budget to our account so we could manage vendor payments.

Do you see the value of a well-thought-out document?

I am deeply committed to making this relatively new but critical business hack available to many more planners.

The templates are designed with functionality in mind. You can edit and personalize them without anyone knowing. It’s a win-win situation!

Frequently Asked Questions

Good question. The planning & vendor contract can be edited With PowerPoint or Keynote. event operation plan & timeline via Microsoft Word, event brief & moodboard are editable with Canva while bugdet sheet can be edited on Google Sheets. Detailed instructions are on the video guide included in the bundle.

That’s EXACTLY why you have the tutorial videos that support you even as a total newbie.

Canva is an online design tool that was made with the non-designer in mind. Canva does offer a free version that you can sign up for immediately. It has a Pro subscription but you can edit the included mood board template with the free version of Canva.

As soon as your payment is complete, Your email confirmation will arrive with access to the bundle templates and bonuses right away.

Good. Shoot us an email @ & you’d get a response within 24 hours.

Here is a simple math that explains it best. If having a functional document requires 100% amount of work,  the template set up has done 70% of that. When you watch the step-by-step video guide included in the bundle, another 20% work is done. All you have left to do your self is 10% of the entire work required. How does this sound to you?

This system includes a step-by-step process to walk you through the editing process quickly and easily so you don’t feel overwhelmed. You can do this.

There is no catch and no hidden fees! The Soft Life Bundle is a one-time purchase of 45,000 which gives you lifetime access after purchase.

You have lifetime access to the Soft life bundle

The Soft-Life Bundle

The only templates and training you’ll ever need to create a planning experience you’ll be proud of and increase your credibility with clients.

Total Value: ₦300,000

Regular Price: ₦105,000

Today’s Price: ₦65,000

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