FACT: In the ground-battle on instagram with numerous look-alike event planning brands, STANDING OUT is the only way up.

Now, have you done any (or all) of these before?

But you’re yet to hit that figure that matches the level of work you put in your business.. Or book the kind of events you’d like to book?

Well, it's time to cancel the hustle culture, STAND-OUT in the CROWD & cash out while at it!

Get ready to find the missing ingredients in your approach, harness its power and multiply

your income without working 24/7
Or trying out a bunch of instagram strategies w/o context.


In the masterclass, You’ll discover:


Competition is fierce out there, everyone is vying for the same clients, and it can be hard to stand out from the crowd. What if you could learn the secrets to setting yourself apart and cashing out with that?


Event planner looking to upskill & stay ahead of competition


Event planner who wants to attract high-end clients & create luxury events

You know that the competition is fierce. Everyone is vying for the same clients, and it can be hard to stand out from the crowd. But what if you could learn the secrets to setting yourself apart and booking more clients?


Event planner looking to get established in the industry & build a strong reputation


Event planner who isn’t interested in running the business as hobby and wants to continuously hit the profit mark

Meet Your Trainer

My name is Damilola & I’m a science student (turned event planner) who loves experimenting & drawing inferences.

I’m the kind of person that isn’t satisfied with finding one-way answer to a problem, I always drill in find 99 more ways to make it work.

What this means is I find solutions through extensive research and I never settle for this is how its supposed to be if it’s not giving me what I want.

I became an event planner after planning my own wedding 6 years ago and when I hit the “I’m not making enough money in this business’ roadblock, I researched my way into what works by trying 100 & one things that they didnt & taking notes along the way.

Standing OUT uniquely is one the ways that works and I’m super excited to bring this masterclass to you to teach you all about it.

Some say I have the gift of teaching profound/hard things in the simplest way, others say I give too much valuable information for free, I say come find out if any of this is true at the STAND-out masterclass.

Get the REPLAY for ₦10000 only

From the last MASTERCLASS...
I am new to the event planning industry and this class broke down a lot for me! The moneymatics session was everything! Love how easy calculating profits & income looks now! Thank you so much!
Ekwujuru Memachi
It was a six course meal! I feel overloaded & over-filled with valuable information, I’m glad I didnt miss this session. It is a blessing in every way! Thank you Dami for an insightful & detailed session! I so needed the class! And 2023 is definitely the money year! Thank YOU!
Rayo Ogungbesan
This was so insightful! My key-takeaway has to be the schedule hack. I'm definitely setting boundaries ! You are amazing, Damilola. Thank you for putting this masterclass together!
Phillip Badung




Got Questions? I've got answers

Oh yes, the replay is as packed as the live class was, only even better because you get to listen to it at your convenience. WIN/WIN right?

Oh yes! This Masterclass is for you if you’re 

  1. An experienced event planner looking to up-skill & stay ahead of competition OR
  2. A new event planner looking to get established in the industry & build a strong reputation OR
  3. A determined event planner who wants to attract high-end clients & create luxury events OR
  4. A savvy event planner who isn’t interested in running business as a hobby and wants to consistently make bank.

You can definitely count on having questions and you can either shoot them to our email (admin@plannershackhq.com) or send them as DM to our instagram (@plannershack)

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