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with made-for-you tools & hacks.


with made-for-you tools & hacks.

Set, track and hit your financial goals with our free template! Loved by 2000+ event planners.

The work you do matters !

You may have started your business like a hobby with no clear business plan. But now, with all that work you put in? It’s time to ditch the hobby-venture, get clear on your goals and earn that income you deserve. The event planning industry is a gold mine and in spite of COVID-19’s impact, it is projected to a record a 7% growth by year 2028. What this means is: the work you do matters and you are already on a fertile ground. If your account balance doesn’t make you dance- it’s time to change that immediately.

Sounds nice, but how do you get there?

I can help you

Hi, I am Dami,

and I'm here to help you to live your best life as an event planner

I started planning events straight out of uni after planning my own wedding and for the first 2 years, I had so much fun curating happy moments for my clients. The only issue ? My account balance wasn’t balancing.

And it became apparent that I either needed to get a real job or get something right, very fast. The later happened and it turned out that being good at planning events has little to do with profit making if I wasn’t learning & leveraging the business side of things.

Today, my planning business is thriving because I finally figured out marketing and a 100 other things they don’t teach in event planning trainings. Now, I’m on a mission to help more planners get it RIGHT without the stress or guess-work.

and eliminate guess work

Event Business School
Event Business School for Smart Event Planners where you learn business strategies no one teaches in event planning school and how to MARKET your business & MULTIPLY your income.
Brand UP

A 30-day social media optimization challenge tailored for event planners seeking to enhance their online presence and attract their ideal clients.

Clarity Quest

Clarity session for event planners who need clarity on their next BIG step. Come as you are, with the questions you’re too embarrassed to ask and the fears you’re scared to voice out.

for event planners who don't like stress

Soft Life Bundle

The revolutionary plug-and-play document template for soft-life event planners who despise paperwork but want their planning documents to stand out and give their clients peace of mind.

Hire Well Bundle

Gain access to essential editable templates designed to streamline event planners’ hiring process. This bundle comes with a process template that helps you optimize how you take your client from point A to Z.


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The Intensive Event Planning Course


Stand-OUT masterclass


7x-your-income masterclass


Moodboard PRO


Timeline PRO


A-Z of the planning Process

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Financial Tracker Template

This template sets precise financial goals and prompts game-changing questions for your business approach.

Affirmation for Event Planners

Tailored everyday affirmations for event planners. Users of this e-book are liable to have a successful event business.

Event Planners' Audit

Audit & finetune your event planning business methods & process with this detailed audit guide- PLANDIT.

Event Planners' Audit

Here is your chance to download PLANDIT™,  The Ultimate Event Planners Audit guide for FREE so you can confidently audit your business, strategically modify your process and exponentially grow your business. 

Download NOW!

Event Planner Guide

How to craft creative online promotions that gain attention!

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