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5 ways to make more money as an Event planner

Ever considered what making more money looks like to an event planner? Here are 5 ways you can do it!

1. Niche down: focusing on a particular niche is a sure way to get attention on your business- what kind of events do you plan the most + what kind of event pays you the most? Is it weddings, surprise birthday parties, bridal showers, childrens parties? Niche down on that & make noise about it. It’s a sure way to attract the exact kind of clients you want.

Instead of then saying you are an event planner, you say you’re a children’s party planner/ you’re a surprise planner, bridal shower planner , proposal planner etc. And trust me, that doesn’t stop people from hiring you for other kinds of event, especially if you that one you specialize in, so well.

2. Diversify with a growing niche: planning picnics, get-aways and get-together are now becoming big deals. With the virality of Instagram travel reels comes the growing need for millennials & GenZ-ers to chase experience, and this is where the picnic/get-away/ get-together planners can CASH in on. Find beautiful venues around you, do a combo deal with vendors and sell an experience package that has-it-all. Market it to the right audience and watch your income skyrocket!

Does diversifying into picnic planning means you’d stop being an event planner?

It justs means you’re following the MONEY- which ofcourse is a good advice. On a long haul even, it would help the event/wedding planning part of your event. Why? That guest that has a good experience at a picnic you planned? She’d be getting married soon and your name will pop up for planning. So win win, really.

3. Give your current clients premium experience: this should go without saying, but we are going to say it still- over delivering your projects guarantees you clients raves and clients raves open doors for more clients and more clients means what? MORE MONEY 💰 😍💃🏻

Do all that you promised your client in the beginning of your project and then add EXTRA. It’s a proven method that works like magic. YOU TRY it!

4. Add an add-on service your clients usually needs: After party Props, event stationeries, gifts sourcing & packaging, hostesses services, bridal styling- etc- these are services that your clientele usually needs & by adding any of them to your services & charging for it, more money is guaranteed.

5. Teach what you know: yes! Maximize the information-hungry time we are in and teach what you know. Create powerful short or full courses that’s marketable & impactful. This not only makes you more money, it also positions you as an expert.

Which of these resonates with you? Which are you already doing & which would you think about ? Let us know in the comment section!

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