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Event Business School: Interview with Florence Banjo of FloralB Events

(Top 3 Tribe Members from Event Business School 1.0)

By Planners Hack

The Event Business School 1.0 by Planners Hack – a 6-week business strategy and accountability group for event planners – had 17 event planners in the program, Florence of FloralB Events being one of them.

Introducing Savvy Planner Florence, a talented member of the first-ever cohort at Event Business School representing FloralB Event 

After 6 whole weeks of intensive training, strategy and coaching Florence emerged as standout, securing the honorable title of the second-best student. 

Today, we’d be delving into Florence’s experience in the Event Business School; her highs, lows and most importantly things she wished she knew before joining the program.

You’d get to read her experience, see behind the hurray as she takes you behind the scene. Let’s dive right in!

“I came in with a knowledge gap and left with confidence.”


Q: Hello! Can we meet you ?

A: I’m Banjo Florence, creative director at FloralB Events. I have been in business for 1 year and 10 months.

Q: Describe the woman that came into EBS and the woman stepping out.

A: The experience at EBS was quite transformative! I came in with a specific knowledge gap and left with confidence. Being able to discuss my business and processes is the significant achievement and difference for me.

Q: What are the things you have been procrastinating but being in EBS has helped you take action?

A: My contract, my posting of contents, my package and process.

Q: Why was it important for you to join EBS?

A: Embracing the opportunity to learn, adapt, and make the most out of the experience. Be open to new challenges and experiences, and remember that growth often comes from stepping out of your comfort zone, because I can testify that it wasn’t an easy process.

Q: How has been in EBS made you a better planner to prospective clients?

A: Being in EBS has significantly enhanced my ability to plan events for prospective clients in a sweet way. Through rigorous training and practical experience. I’ve developed a keen understanding of event logistics, creative problem solving and client communication.

The fine tuning of my process and customer journey ensures that new clients benefit from a seamless and enjoyable event planning experience. With the skills and knowledge acquired, I believe my new clients are extremely fortunate to have me as their event planner, as I bring a wealth of expertise, dedication, and innovation to every project.

I also believe my track record of successful events and happy clients speaks for itself.

Q: While working on the lead magnet what were your major highlights?

A: Writing my lead magnet was so much fun for me and the big highlight for me was that I felt so glad about the value I would be giving out. Anyone who subscribes to it should be rest assured they’ll learn a lot of helpful tips for wedding planning. 

Q: How did you feel showing up on your first instagram LIVE?

A: My IG live lasted almost an hour! Can you imagine? I wasn’t so shy at first because I’ve actually moderated at different virtual webinars. But yes doing that personally and on my page, the feeling was epic. I was short of words at the beginning, but I was able to catch up on the long run. 

Q: We had an assignment of writing 750 words daily. How did this help you?

A: It actually provided me a dedicated space to reflect on my experiences, emotions, and goals. Helping me gain insights into my life, by writing out my thoughts. It also helped me clarify my thinking and make better decisions. Over time, that habit of journaling has contributed to my personal growth and a deeper understanding of myself.

Q: What key things did you learn in the marketing module? 

A: Like coach will always say, carry your business on your head like a comedian. That’s a summary. 

Q: Of all the templates shared, which have you found to be a DIAMOND? 

A: The lead magnet templates. I actually looked really looked forward to the email marketing module and the lead magnet templates shared were really helpful.

Q: I believe you came into EBS with expectations? Were they met? 

A: EBS met my expectations and beyond. 

“Like coach will always say, carry your business on your head like a comedian. That’s a summary”

Q: Any Final Words?

The Event Business School coaching sessions have been instrumental to my growth and the accountability has kept me on track. Coach D is an answered prayer. All I want to say is THANK YOU. Loads of love, coach!

From the EBS Team

Florence emerged as the No #2 top graduate of the Event Business School Cohort 1.0 and we are very proud! Our best word to define Florence is Meticulously amazing!

She had a special privilege of being the class leader and she was outstanding! She showed up week after week demanding excellence from herself and she delivered!

We pronounce her a certified savvy planner! Huge Congratulations Florence!

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