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6 Tools to Increase your productivity as an event planner

Tools are essential for event planner because event planning is a full time job.

You always have something to do, planning to make, content to create or clients to each out.

In the course of my journey, there are few apps I’ve used over the years that have made work easier.

1. Canva – By using the app or website, you can use this tool to design functional mood boards, event briefs, event day itinerary, clients logo and looooots more.

The templates just make so many things easier. Don’t you think?

2. Evernote: If you are looking for one of the best note taking apps, this is it. This tool is also best designed to suit event planning needs

3. Powerpoint- This Microsoft tool has many uses but most importantly it helps you add color to your documents. Gone are the days of boring documents

4. Google sheets I call this one time saver because it will save tons of back and forth calls with your client. All you need to do is, create a sheet of all the planning details and collaborate with your client from here they can easily comment on each item.

5. Pinterest– Is every planner’s bestie, with loads of inspiration. By feeding your eyes with amazing Pinterest ideas daily, it becomes easy for event planners to become I spired during the course of planning for an event.

6. ChatGBT: This AI tool is like your assistant. You can use it to get quick answers to event-related questions, idea Generation, content creation, keeping you organized and for research.

As an event planner, working smart has to be one of your strong points.


You already have a lot on your plate to plan for. Embrace any tool you can use to make your job easier.

Which of these tools do you use?

Talk to me, are there any other tools for increased productivity that weren’t mentioned?

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