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How To Get Featured On Blogs As An Event Planner

Event planner, featuring on blogs is one of the easiest ways to promote your business and get more eyeballs on your work.

And one of the easiest way to do that is Getting featured on blogs

Did you know that most event blogs don’t charge you a dime to feature your events/work on their website? 

Oh yes, even BELLANAIJA.

Shocking right?

All you need to do is shoot them an email with all the right details and they all feature your event if its meets their criteria.

What should be in my email, Damilola?

Your email should contain:

• A captivating/direct title: e.g X & Y love story/pre wedding pictures

• Straight to the point message

• Vendors list/credits

• Link to your pictures (dropbox or google link)

• The client’s love story attached in a word document

Here is a sample of the email pitch I used.

event planner
  • When I send the email, will they feature me?

YES, if your content meets their criteria. NO, if it doesn’t.

  • How would they feature it?

First, on their website: they’d share the story you sent, add the pictures & vendor credits just as you sent it to them. 

Then they share the pictures on Instagram in 2-3 posts using a captivating part of the story as caption and asking their followers to read the rest of the story on their website. 

Lastly, they’ll share it in their stories tagging you who sent it to them.

  • What makes a post meet their criteria?

The post has to be newsworthy, has a captivating story, and Beautiful pictures. 

If your content has all of these features, it’s likely to be featured. One sure way to guarantee a feature though is when they can recognize a vendor or two on your vendor lists. 

So yes, working with a notable vendor does have its plus.

  • How soon do they make the post?

You really can’t determine how soon they’ll feature your posts after you send it in. It totally depends on them. 

What I can say is this: the first time I tried with BELLANAIJA: they posted it 2 weeks after we sent it- which was one week after the event. 

So the 2nd time I sent in the feature 3 weeks ahead of the wedding, they posted it 2 days after. Haha

  • Is this the only way to get blogs to feature you?

No, but this is the way to get blogs to feature you on both their website & instagram. 

They pick & post random videos/pictures of events every time. The common thing you’d notice about this other kind of feature is: they post content that has the tendency to draw reactions & awwws from their audience. 

Notable vendors are also a plus here.

Most of these blogs also have pay-to- feature options where you pay to get featured and their rates differ. 

If this is an option for you, slide in their DM or email them for a rate card. With this option though, make sure you use your best posts and don’t use captions that SCREAM ‘ads’.

Now, I have equipped you with  all you need to get featured on blogs. 


I cannot wait for you to share your testimony.

P.S. Do you have additional questions about this strategy? Comment your question and I’ll get back to you. 

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