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Crafting Irrestible Offers As An Event Planner

What is an irresistible offer?

An irresistible offer is one that compels your clients to ask questions because your offer sounds too good to be true and they’re interested in knowing more. 

There are lots of events going on in the event industry and be sure that if a bride comes to you, she’s asking other event planners as well. 

But how can you make the client stick around?

This is where you craft irresistible offers so the bride sticks around to ask more questions and be genuinely interested in your packaging. 

Crafting irresistible offers helps you have access to clients. An example of an irresistible offer was the Chicken Republic Refuel Max offer. This was one of the cheapest chicken Republic offer in Lagos then. 

If you have different offers that get you to be seen as different and hooked in the eye of the client and give room for them to get back to you than having the usual event planning offer. 

When thinking about crafting irresistible offers, stop thinking about what you alone can do. Think about what someone else is doing, that you can bring and collaborate on. The refuel max offer partners with Pepsi and make this package more irresistible.

Why should you have an Irresistible offer? 

Because it makes your brand stand out.

Here are 6 different things you can add to your package to make it more irresistible

  1. Lagos personal shopper – Buying bridal items on Instagram can be expensive. But I found a lady that goes to Lagos to buy items, who knows Lagos market well, buys original stuff and saves money. I collaborated with her and included her in my service – she goes to shop for my brides. I included three different packages for this Lagos personal shopper. This is not something I do myself but someone else. I added it to my package and increased the price. This package is complimentary so even if the bride doesn’t want it, it doesn’t reduce the price of the package.  
  2. Bridal styling – I included an offer where a bridal stylist comes in to style my brides. I added it to my complimentary package as well and the client feels like they are getting a free bridal stylist but it’s actually not free. The price is included in the original offer and again this is something I’m collaborating with someone else for. This makes the package irresistible.
  3. Car trips/ Personal chauffeur – Some people come from abroad to Nigeria to get married. You can make an offer to provide a car to drive them around for 4 days. If a bride is abroad, they would definitely want to ask you about that package because it is Irresistible and it is there to meet their needs. The price is in the main package but they feel it’s free chauffeur service. People love to feel that you’re taking care of them and that you’re putting them first. This is something your abroad clients would appreciate and it makes your offer feel too good to be true and you’ll be sure the bride would stop to ask more about your package. This could make your clients buy a package because of an offer they need that you’re presenting.  
  4. Wedding website – I do this  a lot for my brand and clients. I design websites, so I added this to my biggest offer. When I included this people would usually come in and ask questions. Even if they would want to remove that offer you’re still getting them in to ask questions. Imagine a bride seeing all this offer in one package. They would be intrigued. This is a more creative and useful offer as you can add so much information about the wedding on the website. This offer can get brides to call you after seeing the package. This is what it means to have an irresistible offer.

If clients have been sending you just “thank you” after sending them your package then your offer isn’t irresistible enough because if it is, they would come in to ask more questions. Why? Because they are intrigued and fascinated.

  1. Honeymoon planning – You can also add this to your package. This offer was added to my package when I started my business. I would go to hotels, get their package, and know their prices for couples spending some days in the hotel. This made the package more enticing because I was interested in my clients having a honeymoon as it is essential. I won’t pay for the hotel but I would create a honeymoon plan for them because it is thoughtful. 
  2. Content creation– This is an offer that appeals to Instagram brides. This is you hiring someone to come to the bride’s wedding to create about 10 different reels that are beautifully edited. Before the wedding, the content creator would meet and discuss with the bride to know what they want for their event. The number of reels determine the price. Some brides like this offer because they want to trend their wedding online. 

Now if you’re wondering about the nitty gritty details of these offers, head over to watch the replay of this instagram live.

I was also joined by the Lagos personal shopper I collaborated with and Rose And Rubies, the wedding content creator on Instagram live.

They immensely explained what their offer is about and the special offers they have for you as a savvy planner. 

You want to check that out here.

Frequently asked questions from fellow savvy planners.

  1. How do you convince clients if they complain about funds? You can’t add every offer to your list. But you have to start by looking at where you are. Before increasing your package, you have to ensure you can attract high paying clients that can understand the value of your offer and pay for it. Think about what works for you, what you can give your clients right now and make their event one to remember. Make your package one that nobody says “thank you” but asks questions so you can convince them to choose you.
  2. How do you cost your services? You do this based on how your planning package is. The more expensive the package is, the more you can include complimentary offers. Ensure you don’t pick things that would make you run at a loss.

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