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7X Your Event Business Income

Today’s post is for you if asides satisfying your client and doing a good job as an event planner, you’d love to create a life of freedom for yourself via your planning business.

I say this because I know that not every planner falls in this category. Some have their bills paid by their 9-5 and event planning is a side hustle/ hobby so it doesn’t necessarily need to make much profits.

This said, continue reading if making wealth through planning is something you truly desire.

Ok, let’s go in then. First ask yourself this question:

Considering the current way I’m running my business, if it’s the only thing I am doing or if I continue to do it this way for the next 3 years, would I break even?

If your answer is NO.

Move to the front row right now and read closely.

Now let’s get real: 7X-ing your income doesn’t work like magic, you won’t find all the answers magically in this post either because a lot of things work together to get you there.

What you’d learn here however is at least three (3) things you can start doing today that can put you on path to the 7X/7 figures GENG.

Now let’s begin: There are 6 working principles I have found through my experience and research that significantly have effect on your profits. In this post , we’d tackle the first three.

1. Structure: Creating structure in your business is the most important step to take when it comes to business growth and expansion.

It’s when you sit and ask yourself questions like: how do I take my clients from point A to B?

How long does it take me? Who & what is involved in the process flow? How can I make the process better? How much profits am I making per project?

What’s my standard operating procedure (SOP)? Is it replicable and can it work without my 24/7 input?

Early 2021, I sat and did this for my business and I came up with a game changer solution that freed up lots of hours for me.

Wanna know the solution? Training Project Managers and assigning them to work on event projects with me.

Why did I do this? Well, in asking myself questions about my process, I realized I could be doing a whole lot more for my clients. I wanted to do more but because I spent too many hours on planning one event, I didn’t have enough hours in the day to do more.

Hence, my project-managers solution. I trained my best coordinators and converted them to project managers (there is a lot more to unpack here which I’d probably have an IG live soon so stay glued to our Instagram page here

The short form story is: I freed hours for myself and used those hours to work on multiplying my income! And it worked! 

With the free hours I now had & my thinking cap on; I added this more to my services: 

  • Sending weekly & monthly report to clients about their event 
  • Shortening the event timeline so we had time to chill & countdown 
  • Added attractive complimentary services to my packages 
  • Clarified my offer so we can give maximum attention to full planning clients.


The immediate results? We got our clients ohhhh-ing and ahhhh-ing. You know Nigerians like over-do. We get them, they loved it and told their friends about it!

The long-term effect? The 7 figures profit 😋

In summary savvy planner, what structure gives is the liberty to think freely about the future of your business without worrying so much about the present.

When you get here: your millions will roll in

Creating structure only requires you sitting down, asking yourself important questions and proffering solutions to them. 

If you however need some hand-holding as you figure it out, do not hesitate to reach us! 

Now let’s move to:  Key 2

  1. Delivering excellent work: Give your client what they pay for and go above the call of duty to do extra. 

Start with this simple questions: 

What promises do I make to my client at the beginning of the planning process? Which of them do I keep? Which of them do I not? How can I do better?

You see, Planners make lots of promises when trying to close a client and they don’t keep half of them. If you do this, stop it! You either have to find a way to not over-promise or you find a way to over-deliver your promises. Those are the only 2 options of 7X-ing your income 

Also, don’t focus on the clients when going extra-mile, think guests, think bridal train & think sub-clients etc. I honestly saw the difference when I started going the extra mile and you will too! 

  1. Promote your work: Stop winking in the dark, no one is seeing it! What’s the point of being good if only a handful knows about it. After you get key 1 & 2 right, promoting the f*ck out of your business is what you do next. 

Few ways you can promote your work

  1. Get featured on platforms: This is easier than you think, especially for platforms like Bellanaija & LoveweddingsNG who don’t charge to feature your work on their site. 
  1. Advertise your work: Here you bring out money and pay- and it’s usually worth it if done right.
  1. Collaborative work with vendors: Yes, styled shoots will never go out of style!
  1. Giving out free content to your target market: There is no better way to say “I know what I am doing” than to give free content to your target audience who needs that free content and are likely to trust you more when they get access to it.

But before you promote; here are three (3) things to consider: 

  1. Do I look like the clients I want to attract?
  1. Is my planning package on-point & set to be sent out?
  1. If asked about my planning process, can I articulate it in a way that would impress this dream client?

We can spend the whole day on this promotion thing! But instead: I’d expand on Promotion on another post that you should look out for:

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And if you need help looking like the client you want to attract, get into our BRAND UP program.

Having an attractive & functional website is always a plus!

What part of this post resonated with you? Let us know this in the comment section! It would mean the world to us!

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    Great read as always. So, trust be told I have done some of the above points you mentioned but hmmmmmmmm, still don’t have the clients I truly desire.
    I’m getting there though.
    Thank you again 💓

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