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7X Your Event Business Income: Part 2

This post is for you if aside from satisfying your client and doing a good job, you’d love to create a life of freedom for yourself via your event planning business. And it’s a continuation of the last post: 7X your event business income, so if you’re yet to read that one go read it now:

7X your event business income Pt 1

That said, welcome back 😊

Multiplying your income, like any thing that works in life, is governed by principles. There are 6 working principles I have found through my experience & research significantly affects your profits. They are: 

1. Structure 

2. Excellent work 

3. Promotion

Catch Up on the Part 1 post for in-depth look at the 1st 3 principles and now let’s quickly run through the last 3: here goes:

4. Build your brand intentionally : This is where you do everything in your power to “look the part”

What part? You’d ask..?                            

Well, looking the part of the event planner who:

1. Has structure in her business and

2. Does excellent work.

You know that saying about loving your partner..? That isn’t enough if they don’t feel it? Take that literally when it comes to how your brand is perceived. How you’re perceived is as important as what you are or do.

So, intentionally look on the outside what you are, on the inside. In fact, there are a thousand (and one) planners who actually look the part without being the part— so If you have done a good job at ensuring you deliver great work, looking the part is the next assignment if you want your ideal clients to find you.

How do you look the part? Super easy actually: dress up and open your mouth

Dress up your brand, make it look exceptional and then talk about your process. 

Being first-click admiration-worthy is important and depending on who your target audience/ clients are, you can decide to go all out on what will impress them.  

Having a website that works is sure part of that work and our BRANDUP packages can help with that. 

  1. Getting people to buy from you because you are YOU: There is a secret sauce that only you can bring to the table and when people get a glimpse of it? You’d be cashing out!              

People like to buy from sources/businesses they can relate to. So, bring your personality to your business. Post your BTS, flood your stories with your regular life (caveat here is: make sure your regular life is one that is attractive/relatable to your target clients).

“You are definitely planning my wedding”

“oh I just love you and how you show up here online”

“I love how you write your caption-it’s so relatable”

These are comments that show you that you’ve converted mere followers to fans. And that stems from showing up and being the YOU only you can be. So do just that!

  1.  Passive income streams: Yes! So, if number 1-5 is working, you’d already be on your way to 7X-ing your income, but like what they say about wealth: until you make money while sleeping/ doing nothing, You have not truly built it. 

And the simplest path to building passive income as an event planner is through courses.

So usually while trying to fine-tune your processes & business with the first five principles, you would have learnt some key things, yea?

Well, an astute businessman knows that knowledge gained through experience is knowledge needed by others and can be sold.

The question I hear most Planners ask here is “there are already a lot of planners doing training/courses- is it not enough?

Well my answer is — there are some people who will only be able to learn from you.

There are some people to whom where you currently are, is their own answered prayer & they would be willing to pay YOU (not anyone else) to teach them HOW.

You maximizing that, is how the passive income flows in! 

Now, if the next question you the have is— how do I maximize? 

Then I invite you to join us at the 7X masterclass next month! 

Where I’d be delving deeper into the six principles we briefly discussed in this post, especially on the maximizing passive income part 😚😉

In the completely FREE & LIVE masterclass, you will also  learn;

  1. Moneymatics

The simple formula for calculating your income & profits in the last six months and a system you can set up to help you calculate it automatically henceforth.

  1. 7-Figure Blueprint

How I made 7-figures profit in one month and how you can replicate the same or even more for yourself.

  1. Schedule Hacks 

A jam-packed schedule is not equivalent to more income. I’m going to show you how to do the opposite and eliminate unnecessary burnout from your process.

  1. The Failproof 7x Strategy

I will take you through a simple 3-question assessment to clarify your personal approach to multiplying your bottom line every month ( a once-and-for-all plan that’s replicable)

  1. The SEP & BPY fast action formula 

This formula is your key to living the baby girl’s life as an event planner.

Blogfam- I am excited and I know you are too!!! 💃🏻

Preparing this for you has been a lot of work that I have been extremely happy to do because I truly desire that you live the baby girl life for real!!! 

Now, what are you waiting for? 

And get more information about the 7X masterclass here:

While I get back to getting this masterclass ready for you come 17th November!!!!

What part of this post resonated with you? Let us know this in the comment section! It would mean the world to us!

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