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Peak Season TIPS for Event Planners

It’s that time of the year again, isn’t it?

Lined up events, holiday rush, last minute changes from clients and that gnawing feeling that you should be doing more because well, there’s a LOT to be done!

No arguments about that, savvy planner. Your plate is FULL.

Which is why we curated these 7 helpful tips for YOU.

1. Book your events’ stationeries ASAP

If this is a busy season for you, it’s a doubly-busy season for stationery vendors. The most meticulous of them can mix up orders. So as much as you can, make & book your orders earlier than later.

Your table place cards, your menu cards, props etc? Get your clients to send you details needed and get your orders sorted before the RUSH

2. Keep tabs on vendors

Those vendors that usually book multiple events a day on a norm? Keep tight tabs on them! Special effect vendors, hype-man, etc? Plan to check on them days before the event to remind them of your event.

Peak season is not the time to bank on “I have sent them contract & event brief o”. Ha! Check in! 👀. Don’t let them pour sand in your garri!

3. Prioritize

Prioritize what really needs to get done for your events and stick to it. There’s no need to add more chaos before the chaos. Things that are important will get done, but don’t sacrifice the whole lot of them by overwhelming yourself.

Creative ideas will be flying in the holiday air. Resist the urge to add them to your already planned event, except absolutely necessary. Save them for later instead.

4. Take care of YOU

Festive period will come & go. Remember to not over-work yourself. Take scheduled rest from time to time & most importantly delegate tasks as much as possible.

Peak season is always a good time to increase your team‘s capacity. So delegate, delegate, delegate !

5. Keep your socials buzzing

Have you checked Netflix lately? Christmas movies are all over the Top 10 & coming soon sections! They sure plan to keep us entertained through the festive season.

What’s your own plan to keep your social media audience glued to your page this season?

Hot tip: maximize your stories by posting life footage of your events and showing BTS, and yes delegate the posting part if you can 🤓

6. Plan recovery days

Whether or not you’d take the delegation advice. Take this one: Plan recharge days for each event and block it ahead of time.

It is the single kindest thing you can do for yourself. Spend the day resting your brain and body so that when you get back to work, you can really give it your all.

7. Have FUN

Well, everyone at your event will be!  Why not YOU?

If you‘ve been seating-out the partying part of event planning, lose that attitude this PEAK season! 😉

Most importantly lose the customized shirt, dress up & throw your hair down 😎 Allow yourself to truly enjoy this fun work that you do.

That’s it savvy Planner! May your all hard work reflect beautiful in your account!

What part of this post resonated with you? Let us know this in the comment section! It would mean the world to us!

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