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Event Business School: Interview with Aminah Gbadamosi

By Planners Hack

The Event Business School 1.0 by Planners Hack – a 6-week business strategy and accountability group for event planners – had 17 event planners in the program, Aminah Gbadamosi of Glint Events Ville being one of them.

Introducing savvy planner, Aminah Gbadamosi of Glint Events Ville, who recently completed her 6 weeks program in Event Business School.

After weeks of intensive training, strategy and coaching sessions in the Event Business School program, we’re pleased to present Aminah, of Glint Event Ville as a stand-out graduate of the school.

In today’s magazine issue, we’d be delving into Amina’s experience in the Event Business School; her highs, lows and most importantly her advice for the next cohort. 

You’d get to read her experience, see behind the hurray as she takes you behind the scene. Let’s dive right in.

“I take immense pride in identifying myself as an event planner in any setting, thanks to the extensive knowledge I’ve acquired”


Q: Hello! Can we meet you?

A: My name is Aminah Gbadamosi. Brand name: Glint Events Ville. And I’ve been in the industry for two years.

Q: Describe the woman that came into EBS and the woman stepping out.

A: Upon entering EBS, my understanding of event planning was rather incomplete, although I did possess some basic knowledge about the industry. 

However, as I exit EBS, I’m leaving with a profound understanding of event planning that goes much deeper. My self-assurance and confidence were lacking before, but now I acknowledge my value. 

I take immense pride in identifying myself as an event planner in any setting, thanks to the extensive knowledge I’ve acquired. I can now confidently discuss and defend my expertise. 

EBS has undeniably played a pivotal role in enhancing my comprehension. I’m genuinely proud of my growth and immensely grateful for the day I enrolled in the Event Business School.

Q: What are the things you have been procrastinating but being in EBS has helped you take action?

A: Creating content for my brands and researching more about some softwares

Q: How has being in EBS made you a better planner to prospective clients?

A: Being a part of EBS has been instrumental in elevating my skills as an event planner, allowing me to offer prospective clients a more comprehensive and refined service. 

The knowledge and insights gained from EBS have enabled me to approach each project with a strategic mindset, ensuring that every detail aligns seamlessly. As for the process and customer journey, the meticulous work I’ve invested in fine-tuning these aspects has been substantial. 

New clients can truly consider themselves fortunate to have me as their event planner. With a well-honed approach and a commitment to delivering exceptional experiences, their events are in capable hands. 

The dedication to creating seamless and unforgettable celebrations sets the stage for a partnership that will leave them thrilled with the results.

Q: Why was it important for you to join EBS?

A: Joining EBS was pivotal for me because I craved a comprehensive understanding of event planning. 

Looking back on the 6 weeks, I would tell the person who joined EBS without knowing what to expect: “You’re about to embark on an incredible journey of growth and discovery. Embrace every lesson, connect deeply with fellow participants, and be open to the transformation that’s about to unfold.”

Q: In EBS, we had an assignment of writing 750 words daily. How did this help you?

A: At the start, meeting the daily 750-word requirement posed a challenge, especially with my initial lack of seriousness. However, this exercise proved valuable. It improved my content creation abilities and allowed me to express myself more effectively

Q: What difference have you noticed from optimizing your page ? If you were a visitor to your page, would you find it captivating enough to stay?

A: Yessss, I’ve witnessed a significant transformation after optimizing my page. It’s now more beautiful and captivating than ever before. 

Through carefully curated content, behind-the-scenes videos, and informative posts, I’ve aimed to create a dynamic platform. 

As a visitor, I’m confident you’d find the page not only captivating but also filled with valuable insights. From engaging visuals to educational content for couples-to-be, it’s a space where every aspect is designed to leave a lasting impression and provide meaningful content.

“My approach to marketing my business has been refined!”

Q: What key things did you learn from the Marketing Module? If you have implemented some, what has been your experience so far?

A: The Marketing Module enlightened me about the art of emotional selling, harnessing the power of relatable feelings to create a compelling connection.

I also delved into the concept of social currency, understanding how to craft content that’s valuable enough for people to share. 

And oh, the magic of storytelling! Learning that people are drawn to stories reshaped my approach.

Q: Of all the templates shared, which have you found to be a DIAMOND?

A: The timeline template.

Q: I believe you came into EBS with expectations? Were they met?

A: Yes, my expectations were met.

Q: As a senior EBS tribe, what advice would you give to the next set of EBS tribe?

A: Before joining the program, they should research deeply, set clear goals and network with other members. 

While in the program, they should stay engaged, do all assignments, seek guidance, embrace growth, and apply learnings into real projects.

Q: Any Final Words? 

EBS has undeniably played a pivotal role in enhancing my skills. I’m genuinely proud of my growth and immensely grateful for the day I enrolled in the Event Business School.

From The EBS Team

Amina is an outstanding graduate of the Event Business School Cohort 1.0 and we are very proud! She is an avid learner who gives her best to things! 

She showed up & showed out week after week and was ever ready to learn & implement. Her clients are immensely lucky to have her! 

We pronounce her a CERTIFIED savvy planner! Huge congratulations, Amina.

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