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Event Business School: Interview with Damilola Abayomi of Pro360 Events

By Planners Hack

The Event Business School 1.0 by Planners Hack – a 6-week business strategy and accountability group for event planners – had 17 event planners in the program, Damilola Abayomi, Lead Planner of Pro 360 Events being one of them.

Introducing savvy planner, Damilola Abayomi, Lead Planner of Pro 360 Events, who recently completed her 6 weeks program in Event Business School.

After weeks of intensive training, strategy and coaching sessions in the EVENT BUSINESS SCHOOL program, we’re pleased to present Damilola, of Pro360 Events as a stand-out graduate of the school.

In today’s magazine issue, we’d be delving into Damilola’s experience in the Event Business School; her highs, lows and most importantly her advice for the next cohort. 

You’d get to read her experience, see behind the hurray as she takes you behind the scene. Let’s dive right in!

“I now understand how to put structure into my business and finally my moneymatics has taken a different turn”

Q: Hello! Can we meet you?

A: I’m Damilola CEO and Lead Planner of Pro360 Events. I have been in the Event Industry since 2016.

Q: Describe the woman that came into EBS and the woman stepping out.

A: Before I came to EBS, I was someone who would wait for my next event before I can come on Instagram to post, but before the end of EBS, I Understood:

• The importance of showing up consistently on Instagram.

• The power of a success partner

• How to put structure into my business and finally my moneymatics has taken a different turn

Q: What are the things you have been procrastinating but being in EBS has helped you take action?

A: Lol Instagram Live!!! Putting my face out there was kinda difficult for me. But with EBS I realized that it has more to add to the business than having a faceless brand.

Q: How has being in EBS made you a better planner to prospective clients?

A: EBS has made me a better planner by being organized with my documentation. With our seamless and structured process, from onboarding to event coordination, our intending clients are in for a memorable experience.

Q: Why was it important for you to join EBS?

A: First of all, after I enrolled for TIEPC (The Intensive Event Planning Course) which was an eye-opener for me and fully packed with key knowledge on an international level. That course is a must- take for any Event planner. 

After experiencing the TIEPC effect on my brand and personally too. I had made sure to turn on all notifications on Plannerhack posts & offers because their value always outweighs the fee. 

When I saw EBS outline, I knew I wouldn’t miss it for anything! Now looking back, I would say to myself “Go girl! You have arrived, you made the right decision paying for EBS.” 

Honestly anything from Plannershack is Golden.

Q: How did you feel showing up on your first Instagram LIVE?

A: Going on Instagram live was a biggie for me, I had all the excuses in the world, I procrastinated, I lost interest but thank God for my accountability partner. 

They pushed me till I did it and all I can say afterwards is: I am looking forward to putting myself out more.

“Thanks to EBS my business has seamlessly become structured!”

Q: In EBS, we had an assignment of writing 750 words daily. How did this help you?

A: Engaging in writing 750 words daily was a transformative experience for me. It enhanced my creativity, communication skills, and discipline. 

It served as a therapeutic tool for self-reflection, boosting confidence and motivation for personal growth and self-expression.

Q: What difference have you noticed from optimizing your page ? If you were a visitor to your page, would you find it captivating enough to stay?

A: My Instagram page looks and feels professional and captivating. As a visitor on my page, I would say the planner looks all put together and knows what she is doing. Hiring her is the best decision for any event.

Q: What key things did you learn from the Marketing Module? If you have implemented some, what has been your experience so far?

A: The marketing module taught me how to be visible, convert visitors to followers, then followers to clients/ fans. It has opened my eyes to every content I see online and how to improvise.

Q: Of all the templates shared, which have you found to be a DIAMOND?

A: All the templates are PRECIOUS. The package has like 3 different templates, Moodboard and lead magnet as well. Every Template is more than GOLD. 

I would say the moneymatics is the Diamond for me., I had the idea in my head but the infographics did a perfect breakdown on how to charge. It is a DIAMOND.

Q: I believe you came into EBS with expectations? Were they met?

A: My expectations were met and even beyond. It’s like you paid for something and you were given jara (extra) on top of jara (extra) as if you bought Bread and you were given Nutella as a bonus alongside a chilled drink.

Q: As a senior EBS tribe, what advise would you give to the next set of EBS tribe?


• If you always have excuses for not delivering on time.

• If you are not a team player

• If you have passion but you can’t do the work

If you are stingy. EBS incoming students should clear their calendar and be ready for the class, with open mind and open heart (BE READY TO DO THE WORK). 

Secondly, I would advise you have a dedicated book for the course. Write out all your questions before starting EBS class on a separate part of the book and also give room for answers to the questions.

Don’t be lazy to go back and play the class again. You have more to write when you play back the videos. (Don’t be stingy with data) 

Incoming EBS TRIBES, observe and make friends. I am blessed with two beautiful ladies from EBS and we are now sisters. We have our WhatsApp group where we share ideas / concepts on events related matters. 

I’m open to having more friends who are willing to share ideas. It’s a give and take thing (team work).

Q: Any Final words?

EBS was a practical playground for me. With every new strategy learnt came a ray of hope for my business. Thank you EBS.

From The EBS Team

Damilola is an outstanding graduate of the Event Business School Cohort 1.0 and we are very proud! She is an A++ student to the core! 

She’s very passionate about doing excellent work & continues to learn her way to being the best. Her clients are immensely lucky to have her! 

We pronounce her a CERTIFIED savvy planner! Huge congratulations, Damilola!

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