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Event Business School: Interview with Mary Cynthia of Polkadots Events

By Planners Hack

The Event Business School 1.0 by Planners Hack – a 6-week business strategy and accountability group for event planners – had 17 event planners in the program, Mary Cynthia of Polkadots Events being one of them.

Introducing savvy planner Cynthia Lead Planner, Polkadot Events, who recently completed her 6 weeks program in Event Business School.

She participated in the program with unshakable commitment, driven by her profound love for the art of event planning.

In today’s feature, we warmly invite you into Cynthia’s incredible experience, one that earned her a spot as a top 10 student in the Event Business School 1.0. 

You’d get to read experience: the highs, lows and most importantly things she wished she knew before joining the program. Let’s dive right in!

“I now know how to market my business through social media, email marketing and even words of mouth and I have created a structured onboarding process.”

Q: Hello! Can we meet you?

A: My name is Ike Mary-Cynthia Ifunanya, my brand name is polkadot Events. We have been in business for one year and it feels so surreal.

Q: How has being in EBS made you a better planner to prospective clients?

A: I am excited for my incoming clients! First of all, with my in-depth knowledge of project management, we at polkadot events would ensure that their events are treated like real life projects by creating a concept, sticking to a budget and meeting up to deadlines. 

Our processes take clients from point A-Z in their event journey and ensure that all deliverables are executed to create a wonderful event. 

In addition, I’m confident to say that we are one of the few event planning companies that creates multiple event packages and options for personalized experience. You should look us up!

Q: Describe the woman that came into EBS and the woman stepping out.

A: The Cynthia that came into EBS was someone on the quest to structure her business, she was clueless about it. She knew that in order to structure and market her business effectively, she needed to learn from those who had walked the path. 

After EBS, there’s been improvement in every part of my business. I now know how to market my business through social media marketing, email marketing and even word of mouth.

I have created a structured business and onboarding process that can make my business run in my absence. Having garnered all this knowledge, I am delivering excellence to my clients.

Q: Why was it important for you to join EBS?

A: It’s worth the value you are paying for, and you would make much more than what you invested if you implement all that you will be taught.

Q: What are the things you have been procrastinating but being in EBS has helped you take action?

A: Showing up online, posting and marketing my business across my social media platforms. Journaling my thoughts and strategizing in order to improve my business.

“I knew that in order to structure my business I had to learn from someone who had walked the path!”

Q: While working on the lead magnet what were your major highlights?

A: Lol, the highlight for me was actually creating a lead magnet; I have always wanted to do email marketing! 

I get excited when I go online and sign up for a freebie and get an automated email response. It felt genius to me, now doing this for my business makes me feel like a badass marketer.

Q: How did you feel showing up on your first Instagram LIVE?

A: NEPA WANTED TO DISGRACE ME THE FIRST TIME I WENT LIVE! Because they kept fluctuating the light (inserts laughing emoji Nigeria my country).

It felt lonely at first because it seemed like I was speaking to myself, but then followers started engaging, this made me more confident and I kept on with the live. It lasted about 30 mins. 

I loved what I did and I went live again with a fellow vendor, this time we spoke on an insightful topic for almost 2 hours. 

If you haven’t gone Live on your page, pls do so. It’d help you reach more audience and also present you as an expert to potential clients when you speak about industry related matters. It could be tips, teaching or even your personal life. 

Q: In EBS, we had an assignment of writing 750 words daily. How did this help you?

A: It helped improve my anxiety and writing skills.

Q: What difference have you noticed from optimizing your page? If you were a visitor to your page, would you find it captivating enough to stay?

A: Yes I would. My page is more professional after being optimized. My contents are posted strategically, after having read the book ‘contagious’. 

I post content that would ignite social currency, emotions, practical value, awe and over all, content worth sharing to other people.

“I am now more intentional about my brand. Thanks to Event Business School!”

Q: What key things did you learn from the Marketing Module? If you have implemented some, what has been your experience so far?

A: I have learned to be in the driver’s seat of my business and always show up online. The more I show up online with valuable content, the closer I am to my potential clients. 

I have learned the value proposition of my business, the value my business brings to clients as an event planning company that caters to clients needs before and after their events. 

Email marketing should be the highlight for me, I have learnt that you can build a community and get more clients when applying email marketing to your business creating financial projection for my business In order to work towards my goals amongst others.

Q: Of all the templates shared, which have you found to be a DIAMOND?

A: All the templates have been so helpful, including the ones we were tasked to create ourselves. The templates were financial projections, lead magnet, mood board templates, feedback forms amongst others. For every area of my business, these templates will be put to good use.

Q: I believe you came into EBS with expectations? Were they met?

A: All my expectations were met and exceeded. Thank you EBS

Q: As a senior EBS tribe, what advice would you give to the next set of EBS tribes?

A: First off all, please know that the money you’d be investing in EBS would be worth it. 

It’s not something to contemplate about at all and when you are in the program, immerse yourself fully and give it your all. Do not miss classes. 

It’s harder to watch replays. Most importantly do your assignments, it would help you build momentum for the tasks ahead.

Q: Any Final Words?

EBS is worth more than its price! I got way more than I imagined and I’m absolutely grateful. 

I admire the woman that Coach D is and I see the woman I want to become in her. Keep up the good work!

From the EBS Team

Cynthia is an outstanding graduate of the Event Business School Cohort 1.0 and we are very proud! 

She is a doer who refines her best continuously! She showed up & showed out week after week and was ever ready to learn & implement. Her clients are immensely lucky to have her! 

We pronounce her a CERTIFIED savvy planner! Huge congratulations, Cynthia!

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