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Event Business School: Interview with Precious Loko

By Planners Hack

The Event Business School 1.0 by Planners Hack – a 6-week business strategy and accountability group for event planners – had 17 event planners in the program, Precious of Zirconia Events being one of them.

Introducing savvy planner Precious Loko. Lead Planner, Zirconia Events. After a whole 6 weeks of intensive training, strategy and coaching sessions, we’re pleased to present Precious Loko as one of the top 10 graduates of the Event Business School 1.0.

In today’s feature, we’d  be delving into Precious’s experience in the Event Business School, her highs and lows most importantly things that she wished she knew before joining the program.

You’d get to read her experience, see behind the hurray as she takes you behind the scene. Let’s dive in! 

“Before EBS, I was a woman who loved planning but shied away from showing myself online, content creation was a challenge”


Q: Hello! Can we meet you ?

A: My name is Precious Loko, CEO and Lead Planner of Zirconia Events. I’ve been fully present in the event space since January 2023. 

Q: Describe the woman that came into EBS and the woman stepping out.

A: Before EBS, I was a woman who loved planning but shielding away from showing myself online. I believed I knew it all and didn’t practice or share my work. 

I only planned when I had the chance and content creation was a challenge. I lacked knowledge in planning documentation like budgeting, mood boards and packages. 

I enrolled in EBS for more than just training. I wanted a guiding, hands on event planning school. EBS became a transformative journey filled with impactful lessons, unlearning and learning. It was demanding, which I loved. 

EBS made me realize my potential, turning me into a savvy planner who’s more professional and capable. I can now create essential planning documents, enhancing my confidence. There’s a significant difference in me after EBS.

Q: How has been in EBS made you a better planner to prospective clients?

A: Loooool!!! Taking action by showing myself online, oh my! Truth is, I’m still coming out of it.

However Event Business School brought out the better part of me,  coming out not only to show myself but showcasing Zirconia Events with what I do, not only with event pictures but also by creating content in the form of teaching by giving tips. Thank you coach Dami 🙏🏽

Q: What are the things you have been procrastinating but being in EBS has helped you take action?

A: With so much learned from Event Business School and what I have impacted now, I will say I am on a good ground and above average to handle any events. Also my confidence level is top-notch.

Event Business School did a thing by making me a better planner to my clients. I look forward to welcoming and giving them an unforgettable experience.

Q: Why was it important for you to join EBS?

A: I joined Event Business School because I wanted a broad knowledge about everything events. I am happy and proud of the 6 weeks school. I am glad I registered.

Every money, time, and dedication to Event Business School was worth it. I can boldly stand and say to myself, well done and congratulations for bagging another certification.

Q: How did you feel showing up on your first instagram LIVE?

A: No, I haven’t gone live, but I will definitely, and I’m looking forward to it. 

Q: We had an assignment of writing 750 words daily. How did this help you?

A: It was a sweet experience. On the norm, I don’t see myself writing 750 words and more each day.

I realized Event Business School made me and brought out what I would  naturally not do. Writing the 750 words helped develop me mentally. I call it communication, as I see myself expressing myself and feeling fulfilled after each write-up.

I also realized I wrote more than 750 words each day and I got to the point where if I don’t write each day I feel uncomfortable. So yes, it was fun and fulfilling while it lasted, and I still write.

Q: What difference have you noticed from optimizing your page? If you were a visitor, would you find it captivating to enough to stay?

A: My instagram page grew and is still growing. There’s a huge difference from where my page was and where it is at present, and the growth is refreshing. As a visitor, I will find Zirconia Events page captivating as it’s not what the page used to look like. Also, there are tips to learn from. It’s a yes!!!

Q: Of all the templates shared, which have you found to be a DIAMOND? 

A: All templates are diamonds so it’s difficult to pick. However, the mood board template is a joy giver. Having the template hasn’t only made me look more professional as a planner, but it also makes my work easier and saves time. I love all templates and I can’t do without any. 

“EBS is a total package!”


Q: I believe you came into EBS with expectations? Were they met? 

A: My expectations were met and more. I got value for the money invested. Event Business School is not only educative. It’s a full course meal and a total package.

Event Business School is educative, informative, and impactful. I had in mind to learn how to prepare clients/vendors contracts, packages, budgeting, mood boards, and most importantly, how to reach my target audience.

Did I achieve it? Yes, and even more. I learned so much I didn’t know was needed. Event Business School was loaded. Thank you, coach Dami. Thank you!

Q: As a senior EBS tribe, what advice would you give to the next set of EBS tribe?

A: As a senoir EBS student, looool.. my advice for the next students will be: First good decision taken – you are on the right track. Open your mind to learning.

Don’t feel overwhelmed at any point. Keep pushing even when you feel distracted and the workload is much. You will adjust. Ensure you are on track with each topic and when lost, continue from the next topic.

You will go back to where you got stuck and pick up. You can do it. 

Q: Any final words?

The Event Business School is changing lives and building leaders not just in the event space. I love how Coach D pushes her students and how much faith she has in us. I am absolutely grateful!

From the EBS Team

Precious is an outstanding graduate of the Event Business School Cohort 1.0 and we are very proud! Her ability to come up with brilliant solutions on her feet is what we love most about her.

She showed up & showed out week after week and was ever ready to share her wins. Her clients are immensely lucky to have her!

We pronounce her a CERTIFIED savvy planner! Huge congratulations, Precious!

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