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Photographers, Here are 8 Things Event Planners Wish You Knew

Photographers and event planners are the magic hands behind every glamorous and unforgettable events. They don’t happen on their own.

Diverse people and vendors stay behind the scene to make magic happen on the big day for the celebrants and their guests.

Event planners ensure the celebrants big vision for the celebration comes to life 

Photographers are there to capture the joyous moments. And so it is essential that these two people are in mutual understanding. 

As an event planner with 6 years of experience creating memorable events, I’ve come to understand the crucial role photographers play in capturing the essence of each occasion. 

In this article, I’ll delve into eight insightful perspectives that event planners wish photographers knew, to foster stronger partnerships and give your clients a blissful event.

1. Details matters

Event planners value photographers who not only capture the whole event but also pay attention to the subtle details that make each moment special. 

It’s not all about capturing the whole event but also the subtle intricacies and minor details that contribute to the beauty of the event.

It’s ensuring everyone looks their best in group photos or and paying attention to our clients’ body language as you direct your session- the more you look, the more you’ll see.

2. Vendor’s food is courtesy, not a right!

Oh, I’m sure you’ll agree this is one controversial topic. The client has hired you for your services and your fee covers your welfare for the day. 

While event planners strive to provide vendors with meals during events, it’s essential for photographers to understand that this is a courtesy, not an obligation. An absence of it is not justification for bad behavior or grumbling. 

Chasing caterers for plates of food is an unprofessional behavior that shouldn’t happen when you’re supposed to be capturing moments. 

If you disagree with this, read this blog post where three expert photographers share their opinion about planners providing food for vendors. 

3. Adaptability is a virtue

Events are dynamic, and things don’t always go as planned. 

There are situations that come up at times that need immediate solution. 

Photographers who can adapt to changes seamlessly without causing additional stress for the event planners are highly valued and appreciated.

4. Capacity Management

Taking multiple bookings without building capacity to handle such large bookings in a day can lead to logistical issues and dissatisfaction among clients and planners as well. 

If you have your face plastered all over your instagram page and then someone else shows up as you without prior agreement that only your team should be expected at the event, there will be issues.

Ensure clear communication and agreement on exclusivity to avoid misunderstandings.

5. Attend vendors’ meeting

“Oh so, there’s a content creator?”

“What’s the couple’s hotel address?” 

“It’s reception after church service, yea?”

Attending vendors’ meetings or thoroughly reviewing event briefs helps photographers familiarize themselves with important details and avoid unnecessary questions on the event day.

These are questions you wouldn’t even need to ask if you attend vendors’ meetings or check out the event brief sent to you by the event planners. 

If you won’t do this, you have the option of creating your own forms and asking all these questions before the event-day. Event planners will be happy to fill them.

6. Respect Timelines

Punctuality and adherence to timelines are crucial for the smooth execution of events. Event planners work hard to keep everything on schedule. 

Photographers ought to respect the planners’ efforts in keeping everything on schedule by arriving on time and following agreed-upon timelines.

All these contribute to the overall success of the event.

7. Stick to Delivery Timelines

Under-promising and over-delivering is a mantra that photographers should adopt when it comes to delivering event photos and other services. 

When we see the following in your package,

“Event highlight will be ready 3-5 days after the event”

“Full online gallery to be ready 2 weeks after the event”

“Albums and frames-2 weeks after selection”

Event planners expect it to be so. Meeting or exceeding delivery timelines enhances professionalism and client satisfaction. And if you can’t meet up with a timeline, share this with the event planner.

8. Catching Us in the Act 

Event planners are the behind-the-scenes superheroes who make events come to life. 

The entire process of planning an event is not easy. Photographers capturing moments of planners in action not only acknowledges their hard work but also strengthens the bond between collaborators.

These insights are for photographers to elevate their professionalism, strengthen relationships with event planners, and deliver exceptional experiences for clients. 

Remember, successful events are a result of effective teamwork between all vendors involved.

How about we switch things up and present things from photographers point of view?😁

Stay tuned for our next blog post, where we’ll explore the perspective from the other side. What are the things photographers wish event planners knew?🤷‍♀️

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