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Dear event planner, sometimes it’s ok to quit.

Have you ever felt tired of how unpredictable entrepreneurship can be? Especially in an industry as fickle as ours? I bet you have and I can tell you it’s not only you.

I can also predict that when these moments of weariness happens, however long its take: you always end up encouraging yourself to keep going. After all, quitting isn’t an option, right?

What if I told you quitting can be a valid option?

Sometimes, the answer to something that isn’t working is to quit doing it and yes, that something can be as big as a business.

The most heartbreaking DMs & emails that I can get are always about event planners who are tired and about to call it quit.

Sometimes, I offer to jump on a call with them and talk, and most times by the end of the call, I almost want to give them the permission to quit.

Why, you may think?

Well, because the mindset most of these about-to-call-it quit event planners have is: I have tried everything and it’s not working.

Now, I want a magic solution.

And the truth I am sure you know is: there is no magic solution, especially when it comes to building a business.

Building a business is HARD. It is extremely HARD WORK on most days and the truth is feeling like something is too hard and wanting to quit? IT’S VALID.

We are not all built for entrepreneurship. There’s nothing wrong with you if you just can’t deal anymore.

See, there are standard facts about the event industry.. some of the good ones are:

📌 It is a gold mine, especially in Africa because we love parties and they’d never be a time where they are shortages of party to plan.

📌 It’s an open door industry. Anyone can get in today and start cashing out.

📌 70% of our customer base think with their emotions and not their brain when it comes to their big day. It is why we have grand entrances, special effects and Brides thinking wearing 4 outfits in a-day event is NORMAL. It is why people borrow money to have a beautiful party. It is also why it’s an easy industry to cash out, in.

Now, let’s talk some not-so-good fact, especially concerning event planners:

📌 We are not indispensable. People can do without our services

📌 Sometimes you have to justify why you’re charging high

📌 Oversaturation is big problem: everybody is a planner. And what these bad parts means is that: the odds are stack against your business and the last thing you can do is to have a mindset that helps those odds.

Are people making it legit in the industry as event planners? YES!

Does it get hard sometimes? YES it does

Should you quit when it gets hard? YES, but only if you are the type that gets tired of finding solutions, getting better and staying patient to watch the hard work yield results.

If you don’t have that energy, I want to give you the permission to go find something else to do, today. Being truthful with yourself is better than struggling to cope for years and still coming up empty.

Sometimes it’s ok to quit. Believe me, I mean that wholeheartedly.

But if you have weighed your option and decided that you want to find those odds, I want you to get serious about that. I want you to stop letting distractions stop you from doing what you need to do

I want to stop caring what people say and start doing only what works for your business. I want you to stop thinking small and step into your full potential. I want you to give it your very best and get patient with watching your seeds grow.

I want you to start asking questions and finding solutions to try out while documenting your learnings and giving your business your best, because I promise you the process of doing all that? It will change your life!

If you’re ready to get started, I have something that can help. Download our free audit book, read it to get an idea of where you are right now and how you can move foward.

I’m sending multiple hugs to you if quitting is what you think the next line of action should be.. It may be time to focus on something else and I wish you all the best in that.

I’m also sending you hugs If you’re getting off the doing-your-business-anyhow train and getting to work.

And if you’re already putting in the work, striving to do better, documenting your journey but getting tired of being patient, the PART 2 of this blog will shed more light on what you can do in those waiting seasons. So look out for it. ❤️

What part of this post resonated with you? Let us know this in the comment section! It would mean the world to us!

PS: Don’t forget to download the Audit guide. It would help you strategically fine-tune your event planning business and processes. You get to figure out what you’re doing right and what can be improved on.

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